Angela Ashwin

Together and Alone

Personal Prayer, Church Worship and Connections between Them
A six-part Course for Christian congregations and groups.

The aims of the course are:

i) To encourage people in their personal prayer and everyday relationship with God, affirming what they already do and opening up new possibilities.
ii) To look at what happens in church services, and how we engage with worship, with a view to deepening our understanding of what we do and why, and seeing how corporate worship can enrich our ongoing spiritual journey.

The six parts are:

1. Prayer, Worship and Daily Life
2. Prayer, Worship and Belonging
3. Prayer, Worship and Stillness
4. Prayer, Worship, Pain and Intercession
5. Prayer, Worship and Penitence
6. Prayer, Worship, Creativity and Symbols

The content inevitably reflects the fact that I am an Anglican, but I would be happy for any denomination to use it. 

We grow as Christians when our everyday prayer and our corporate worship deepen and spill over into each other.

The course has recently been revised and is now available once more. If you are interested, please send me an email via the Contact Page, and I will send you, free of charge, the Introductory Sheet and Part 1. If, having seen that, you would like the whole course I will send it immediately on receipt of a cheque:

There is a copyright fee of £35. After that you are free to photocopy and circulate the material as much as you wish, for the duration of the course. If a church or institution uses the material again in a subsequent year, I would ask for another £35 each time the course is re-started. (Copyright material should not be altered significantly without permission.)