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Angela Ashwin

Reflection for November


In returning and in rest
you shall be saved;
in quietness and trust
shall be your strength.'

Isaiah 30:15

Go deep
into the core of your being,
allowing surface things to fall away.

Return to the centre,
to the inner room of your soul,
and there let your spirit
meet the infinite love of God.

Wherever you are
and whatever circumstances you are in,
you can always return
to this hidden place
of quietness and rest
at the heart of your heart.

'The deepest mystery about us is that we can find God in the depths of ourselves, and having begun to do so we can then begin to find him everywhere. ...That is the primary, given reality: the relationship which we may deny or ignore, but out of which we cannot fall.'
(Michael Mayne, 'Pray, Love, Remember' 1988 DLT, pp. 23, 24)

Expanded from the Meditation 'The Centre''  in 'Wait and Trust', Meditation18, page 51,
by Angela Ashwin. Published by Eagle,  1997.
This book and its sister volume 'Wait and See' are out of print, but illustrated copies are available second hand.
The CD Rom 'Wait and See' can be obtained from McCrimmons Publishers.