Angela Ashwin

Reflection for  December


'And  the Word became flesh and dwelt among us;
and we beheld his glory,
as of the only begotten Son of God,
full of grace and truth.'   
John 1: 14

Beloved Christ,

Emmanuel - 'God with us' -
you came as a hidden, gentle presence
into our dark world,
and changed it for ever.

Come into our hurting world now,  
and redeem it from the inside.

In this uncertain time,
help us to know
that you are always with us,
no matter what.

As you have given yourself to us,
grant me the grace to offer myself to you.

In the stillness
I draw together the fragmented parts
of my daily life,
all my longings and hopes,
my hurts and my delights,
and I offer it all to you.

Receive and make good my gifts
as I walk through life
with you.

May everything I am
become one
to you.

Jesus said, 'Remember, I am with you always,
to the end of time.'  
Matthew 28:20

This is adapted from the Meditation 'This Gift of my Life'  No 10,  page 35 in 'Wait and See',
by Angela Ashwin, published by Eagle,  1997.
This and its sister volume 'Wait and Trust' are now out of print, but can be bought second hand.
The CD Rom 'Wait and See' is also available from McCrimmons Publishers Ltd.