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Angela Ashwin

Reflection for this Challenging Time


'And the soldiers stripped Jesus
and put a scarlet robe upon him,
and plaiting a crown of thorns
they put it on his head.'

(Matthew 27: 28-29a)

Christians have always believed
that the crucified Christ shares our sufferings.

Now this powerful truth seems to apply in a new way,
as we all begin to face the unimaginable impact
of the coronavirus.

Jesus will have reeled 
as they pushed the crown of thorns down onto his head,
and our world is reeling too
at the impact
of this previously unknown aggressor.

But Christ is with us
in it all,
bearing and sharing the pain.
His love is stronger than all our grief and woundedness,
and his mercy reaches out towards us 
when selfishness gets the better of us.

He will never abandon us.

Crucified and risen Lord,
strengthen me and strengthen us all
at this difficult time,
and keep us close to you.
Be with all who are anxious or sick,
and all who care for them.
Be with those I worry over,
and help me to remember
that nothing at all
can separate us from your love.

'Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.
For you are with me,
your rod and your staff they comfort me.'

(Psalm 23:4)

This new meditation is written in similar style and format to those in 'Wait and Trust' and 'Wait and See',
by Angela Ashwin. Published by Eagle,  1997.