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Angela Ashwin

Reflection for  October


'O Lord, how manifold are your works;
in wisdom have you made them all,
the earth is full of your creatures.' 

Psalm 104:24

Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need

for us to look properly at God's gift of creation,
to listen to the many voices of nature
and act responsibly as stewards of this good earth,
our common home.

As an exercise in prayer and deepening awareness:

Choose something from the natural world.
It could be anything
from  a stone to an acorn, a leaf or a fruit.

Stay with what you have chosen.
Look at it.
Feel it.
Smell it.
Share its silence

This is God's gift to you.

Let it be,
without a running commentary.

Simply enjoy it for what it is.

As you touch this small part of creation, it is touching you.

Hold it gently,
and allow yourself to be held
in the life-giving presence and power of our Creator,
whom you share with this small thing.

Gracious, generous God,  
I thank you for the wonder and diversity of the natural world.
Have mercy on us all
for our misuse of this beautiful and fragile planet,
and show us how best
to cherish the earth
and safeguard its resources.

'And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.'
Genesis 1:31

This is an expansion of the Meditation 'Creation', No 5,  page 25 in 'Wait and See',
by Angela Ashwin, published by Eagle,  1997.
This and its sister volume 'Wait and Trust' are now out of print, but can be bought second hand.
The CD Rom 'Wait and See' is also available from McCrimmons Publishers Ltd.