Angela Ashwin

Reflection for June


'O Lord, how manifold are your works!
in wisdom you have made them all,
the earth is full of your creatures.'
Psalm 104: 24

At this time of growing awareness of the climate crisis,

it is increasingly important to pay attention
and hear what the natural world is telling us.

A good place to start
is to listen to a bird singing,
and to hear it,
not with analysis or commentary, 
but just as a beautiful sound
within the chorus of creation.

Simply hear,
out of your own inner stillness.

And ask God to open your heart
to the song of divine love
which is deeper than words.

Gracious God, source of life,
thank you for the wonder and diversity of the natural world.
Open the hearts and minds of us all
to your guiding Spirit,
that we may discern together
how best to cherish this good earth
and safeguard its resources.
Show us how to share in creation's song
and rediscover our harmony in you.

'Morning by morning the Lord wakens my ear to listen,
as one who is taught.'
Isaiah 50:4

This reflection is adapted from 'Hear as the Bird Hears' in Wait and See,  by Angela Ashwin, published by Eagle, 1997 (Meditation 20,  page 54). This book , like its companion Wait and Trust, is out of print, but can be obtained second hand.