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Reflection for the Month



'Wise men came from the East to Jerusalem.
...And they offered unto him gifts of gold, 
frankincense and myrrh.'
From Matthew 2: 1,11

O Christ,
you came
as a hidden, gentle presence
into our dark world,
and changed it for ever.

Come into my world
and redeem it from the inside.

In the stillness
I draw together the fragmented parts
of my daily life,
and offer it all to you,
as the wise men offered their gifts.

May everything I am
become one
to you.

'A condition of complete simplicity
(Costing not less than everything)'

'Little Gidding' by T.S.Eliot, lines 253-4. (Faber 1944, p.59)
Based on the meditation entitled This Gift of my Life, in 'Wait and See' by Angela Ashwin, Published by Eagle, 
1997, Meditation 10, page 35.  This book and its companion volume
'Wait and Trust' are out of print, but illustrated copies are available second hand.
The CD Rom 'Wait and See' can be obtained from McCrimmons Publishers.